Spring….What? When? Where?

I know I recently stated that I LOVE APRIL … especially because of the weather. Well… I love April weather when its 60s, 70s, and even low 80s. Spring and Fall weather is just delightful. Unfortunately, in the state of Florida we barely have two season… Summer and Winter. Winter is even stretching it a little. I think Spring came for one day and left… not even enough time to enjoy it.. It is already in the 90s here in Central Florida. phew…. I just got back from a bike ride, and over half way through the ride, I was huffin’ and puffin’… good thing i am working out right?

As soon as we were finishing the last little bit,  Don said “Man, this heat sure is making it harder to ride!” With joy, I said ” Your feeling it to?”

Last night we finally gave in to closing  the windows and turned on the air conditioning…. its ONLY April 4th… Ask me in July how i am feeling… Ughhhhhh


Spring came and went with out us evening recognizing it… Happy Summer ???


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