Weekend Randoms

This weekend has flown by. I have been very bad about blogging this week. Although I do have a lot to post about ;0)

Friday evening I was invited over to my neighbors to join in on there monthly get together to play BUNCO ! I have always wanted to play. My mom plays with all of her friends and it seems like a really good way to spend a night with a group of friends, whether it’s all women or couples night….

I invited one of my girl friends to join me. She had played once before, and I had no clue how to play. The only things I knew about BUNCO were… You played with dice, money was involved, and it involves no skills.


The game is easy and really effortless minus throwing the dice down on the table. If you win, you get money. If you lose, you get money! Although I did not win a dime, my friend Carrie walked away with money ;0)


Saturday morning we woke up and decided to have several friends over to enjoy the pool and weather! Well little did we know the weather decided to not be cooperative, so we decided to leave the pool gathering for another weekend and go to the movies! I will give you one guess on what we went to see …


I will post my opinion about the movie sometime this week !!

I am a huge sucker for April fools day jokes. I always forget. My neighbor who is also a blogger decided to write a post in delight of APRIL FOOLS DAY. I believed every second until those very last two words … I literally huffed and puffed out loud bc I got so excited for her … That’s the excitement of April Fools Day I suppose… I will not believe anything for the rest of the day …

April is my favorite month and look forward to the beautiful weather it has to offer !!!



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