Im Hooked. . .

Last week I posted about how Don and I were starting to read The Hunger Games Trilogy. Don finished ALL three books in 6 days. I am jealous… I wish I had the time to read that quickly, however I did finish the first book, The Hunger Games, early Sunday morning. I read for about four and a half hours on Saturday, and enjoyed every minute of the book. Sunday, I woke up around 7:30 a.m. and immediately finished the last 6 chapters I had left.

I have avoided the movie trailer every time it has come onto tv. I did not want to spoil the book while I was reading it. I got home today and watched the trailer. I cannot wait to see the movie THIS WEEK 🙂 I also began reading the second book, Catching Fire. I have heard several different opinions regarding the second and the third books and which of them is more preferred over the others. I am looking forward to forming my own opinion… sooner than later… I hope!




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