Backyard Project #3

We are almost done with our backyard. Its finally starting to look like alive instead of a desert with a huge water hole. JUST IN TIME FOR POOL WEATHER…. :0) We have primarily concentrated on the one corner you see in the pictures. The next project and hopefully the final project will be in another corner you really have not seen in the photos in project one OR two .

We finally picked up the remaining rock and pavors …oh! my! goodness! that was alottttttttt of rock. Don has a friend who owns a landscaping business. We decided to call him and ask for recommendations about sod and where to purchase. He was actually able to purchase the sod and bring it to us. We were very thankful as we do not have the appropriate vehicle to transport the layers of dirt, grass, ants and whatever else crawls through sod ( however we will soon 😀 )

Enough of the blabber, here is the start and the ‘finished’ backyard.

Finally looks like a back yard…. HAPPY HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE !!


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