Twisted Snack

Don and I keep popcorn in the house on a regular basis. Its easy. Its quick and it can be relatively healthy compared to some other snacks! Its also always BOGO and the store.. with coupons and the sale ITS CHEAP :0)

I came across a recipe for buffalo popcorn. We both enjoy buffalo flavored food ..wings, dips, pizza, etc. We have been pretty lazy today due to the undecided weather here in Florida, sunny one minute, cloudy the next, pouring , then it starts all over. Instead of a full blown lunch, we have been snacky..cookies, cheese, AND buffalo popcorn 🙂

Recipe and Photo Courtesy of : Easy Recipes

I took the recipe and made it my own just a little bit however it stays pretty parallel with Easy Recipes.

My Directions:

Pop your favorite popcorn as directed.

I used 1/2 tsbsp of butter. Melted in a ramekin by microwave.

Add 1-2 tbsp of your favorite buffalo sauce. Our favorite is Texas Pete Buffalo Wing Sauce.

I tested it out in a separate bowl instead of ruining the bag of popcorn. Put desired amount of popcorn in bowl, use a spoon to  pour over popcorn, using opposite hand to mix thoroughly. This helped the sauce to spread over the pop corn evenly and not letting the pop corn get soggy ( unfortunately some will )…Repeat until you have the amount of popcorn with the amount of buffalo sauce.


I am glad to report my Saturday is not as bad as last Saturday . Have a great rest of the weekend 🙂


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