Accident Prone

Don and I woke up Saturday morning and started the day with a bike ride. We decided to grab a bagel for breakfast at Einsteins Bagel Company ( The Asiago Cheese Bagel is my favorite with chive cream cheese ). Anyways… We began our ride back home and the wind was incredible. It did make for a good work out though :0) My legs started to reallllly burn so I decided to stand and ride like we do in spin classes.  I stood up on my bike for about three strides and all of sudden on my next down stride my right foot slipped off my peddle ( at the time I thought it slipped ) and hit the cement. Next thing I know my bike is zigzagging back and forth and I finally fall flat on my back along with the bike.

FIRST let me say that I was completely embarrassed because where we live there are tons of bike riders and on nice Saturday mornings riders are everywhere. My fall definitely did not go unnoticed.

SECONDLY my foot did not slip of the bike. My foot peddle completely fell off and flew off my bike. As don and I were walking home I was curious if it was my weight that broke the peddle…Don said NO,, It fortunately was a defect with the bike and the way the peddle was installed on the bike. I had an Immediate sigh of relief.

LASTLY as the day went by several large and small bruises started to appear. UGH !!!! I thought I broke my right hand some how.. I am so glad that didn’t happen. How could I clean someones teeth???

Well that’s not it…Yesterday we had our first swim in the pool for this year. We decided instead of going out to dinner, we would stay home and grill out. Every now and then we really enjoy a good juicy burger from steak and shake so last night we tried to mimic those burgers. We had some cubed steak in the freezer we were going to try because they were skinny and we needed to use them. Well as they were cooking Don started to cut cheese with one of my really sharp knifes. I insisted on him to stop and use the mandolin…. Why I chose the mandolin over the CHEESE grater I have NO IDEA. Well after a few slices of cheese my right middle, ring and pinky finger ALMOST joined. Ahhh!!!! I have always been warned about that and I finally learned. I can’t catch a break…How would I work with two fingers ?

Hope you didn’t have such bad luck this weekend. No new recipes this week, Just a delicious REPEAT.


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