Some may compare a dental hygienist like going to cosmetology school…that’s NOT the case and very far from right ( A patient of mine said this to me). Did you know that your dental hygienist actually takes 88 credit hours of non stop science courses including embryology ( yes having a baby can affect your oral health in many ways), oral pathology ( cancer, oral lesions, diseases ), and Pharmacology ( tons of medications affect your oral cavity) AMONG MANY MORE! Although I am not an expert at ANY of the above mentioned courses, I am pretty darn confident at what I know and I am proud of it. I continue to study as I continue in my career. This profession is exhausting but very very rewarding !

I do not know what has been going on the past few weeks but it seems like I have had some really  tough patients. I will warn you.. I am providing pictures of what today was like at work.

Severe gingivitis. . . LOTS and LOTS of BLEEDING

Heavy Calculus Build Up ( aka tartar)

Recession AND stain !

Hopefully this post has encouraged all of you to brush 2x a day, floss at least 1xa day and rinse with an antibacterial mouth rinse ( Listerne, ACT). See your dentist on a regular basis, recommended atleast 2x a year 🙂



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