Spoiled Floridians

Tonight Don and I decided to go grab dinner at a place with a nice outdoor dining area with televisions to watch this NBA Allstar nonsense ;0) It donned on me when it started to get a little chilly out ( 50 – 60ish degrees) how spoiled us floridians are!

As I pulled up my coat onto my shoulders the waitress asked us and the fellow diners wether we would like the heater turned on. Without a second to rethink, the heaters were turned on. I was thankful !

Most people in the northern regions think we are crazy and probably not thankful for this weather…as I wear flip flops and a short sleeve shirt in February!

Yes, i ll admit i am a spoiled floridian I am extremely thankful for this ‘cooler’ weather and not the 100+ degrees that is right around the corner.

It’s extremely nice to be able to sit outdoors and enjoy the weather ( with a little heat) in February ! Last year this time, I can assure you the temperatures were not this warm to enjoy !

I am happy to live in Florida !


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