Cook the Cover

This months Bon Appetit featured one of the most well known southern dishes we all know. So well known it made the front cover. . . good ole’ fried chicken. I can surely tell you if there is one debate in the south, its whose mom made the best fried chicken. I can only recall my mother making fried chicken once in my life time, but its probably due to the fact her momma made better fried chicken :0)

I knew Don was going to get excited the minute I told him I was going to attempt to make HOMEMADE fried chicken. TO be honest with you, the closer the cooking day came… the more nervous I got. So what if I burnt the chicken or under cooked it… We could throw it out and order in pizza BUT cooking in the skillet with oil at 350 degrees in my new home was what made me nervous. I have always been terribly nervous cooking with hot oil or grease.

According to the recipe ( Perfect Skillet Fried Chicken), We needed to start the cooking process the night before . We rushed to publix and picked up a whole chicken and the ingredients we did not have in the house. I cheated due to our time crunch and had them cut my chicken for me. We got home and I rubbed that little bird down with salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder and onion powder ( click link above for exact amounts).

Sunday night came around we took the chicken out of the fridge until it came to room temperature. I made the dredge out of buttermilk, egg, and water. Flour, cornstarch, salt and pepper were mixed together to create everyone’s favorite part of the chicken – the crunch.

It was time to put the oil on the stove…duh duh duuuhhhhhhh ( The part I had been dreading all afternoon). After heating it for a few minutes, Don checked the heat with the thermometer. As he did that, the oil began to sizzle and pop. I totally freaked out and without a second thought I pulled out the fry daddy and used that instead. I felt a lot better doing it in the closed frier !

Each piece took about 10-12 minutes depending on which part of the chicken was being fried. It turned out delicious ! I will definitely pull this recipe out again when I need a southern comfort food! Don has mentioned several times already he wants me to try this rub on chicken fingers!!!

Hope you enjoy making this as much as we did ! Happy Monday !


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