Backyard Project #2

Its a whopping 75 degrees here in Orlando so we decided to continue working in the backyard. Thanks to our American Express points we cashed them in for a home depot gift card. We used them to buy plants and soil to continue our landscaping.

The picture above is before we started the second part of our landscaping. Notice all the rocks and pavers along the back fence. I am so sick of rock I want it out of my sight for a very long time. I almost paid a neighborhood kid to pick them up for us.

These pictures aren’t the best however you get the idea. We planted podocarpus along the fence line. The goal is to have them grow  up the fence to hide the neighbors back yard junk !!! They are supposed to grow very quick. Tomorrow we plan to lay mulch around the bushes !

Thankfully Dons parents came over to help us ! I was very grateful for that !

Next Project : Pick up more rock and pavers. Lay sod.

Tomorrow I am trying TWO new recipes for dinner. Will post results!


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