An Unexpected Positive !!!!

Almost one year ago I moved to Orlando due to a job shortage in Tallahassee. Instead of renting an apartment, Don’s parents offered for us to live with them until we arrange something different. March 5, 2011 we moved into his parents house. We were very grateful for this because it allowed us to find employment, save some money and find a home.

During this time I was not my usual, fun, outgoing self. I left ALL of my friends and family back home. One of my close friends, who coincidentally moved to Orlando at the same time, ended up moving to Jacksonville on endeavors of her own. I was then left with Don, myself, and very few of Dons high school buddies I met when visiting his parents on holidays or vacations. They are great!

Late July, We found the perfect home for ourselves and our four-legged friend, Lola! This home actually had been put on the market for ONE day. Two days later, we had a contract on the home and we were moving in a few weeks out. We moved in, painted (still not fully finished), decorated and made it our own.

The first night we stayed at our place, I ended the afternoon with a nice swim in the pool. Unexpectedly 4 people walk out the back door with Don. They were some of our neighbors. I could only think to myself, ” Woah, They are our age and live next door? ” They brought a few bottles of wine as welcome gifts. I knew we were going to get along JUSTTTTTT fine!

Since then, We have become great friends with five of our neighbors. We have block parties, celebrate birthday parties, end a horrible day with a glass bottle of wine, or simply have a relaxing night watching a movie.

God does watch over us. Even at weak moments we must realize there is a purpose for things done, feelings felt or things said.

My AMAZING neighbors were an unexpected positive in my life and I am so happy they are here in my life! To make it even better, they all have four-legged friends to play (except one… they do  have four extra legs,,, however,,, those four legs belong to 2 children)


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