Sweet Sweeeeeet Birthdays

Today is Don’s 27th birthday! He isn’t crazy about throwing birthday parties or going all out, however, we went to purchase bikes for his birthday present and rode them home. I was pretty excited about that. It something we have been talking about the day we moved into our new house. We have this long trail we can ride less than half a mile away from our home. YIPEE!!! ( more exercise )

For his birthday, I tried to make cup cakes that involve his two favorite sweets: Chocolate and Peanut Butter! I swear every time I turn around the kid is dipping dove choclate into peanut butter. I always think to myself why doesn’t he save the time and the mess by purchasing REESES CUPS..duh right?

I found the PERFECT recipe: Peanut Butter Brownie Buckeye Cupcakes !!!

They are easy..semi-homemade and DELICIOUS 🙂 I did not use the ganache. Honestly, I think the peanut butter icing and the chocolate cake would have over powered it any ways . They were fine for our palate :0)

YUMMMMMMMMY ! Its a MUST TRY recipe ! Image


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