Backyard Project #1

In my first blog post, I mentioned we bought a home in August. The house is older but really just needs a few face lifts. One of the deciding factors to purchase our home was the outdoor living area; it has  a huge screened porch, enough room for Lola to do a little bit of running AND a pool :0) We love to entertain at our house!  The backyard was something that definetley needed some love! ( The potted plants were given to me by my mother just to add something there until we decided on what we wanted to actually do ) This is a photo of what this side of the yard looked like.

I could not tell you whether I have a green thumb or not because I really haven’t planted anything before. I can tell you that I have not killed the potted plants yet 🙂 Don has also been a huge help with keeping up with them. We decided we wanted a more tropical theme in the back because of the pool. Off the bat we already knew we were pulling up all of the pavers and laying down sod; That project will wait closer till springtime.

One Saturday while I laid by the pool, Don started to pull up the pavers. He wanted my thoughts of creating a garden wall. To be honest, I really did not know what that was until he fully explained his idea. Before we started on the garden wall, we lined the pool with liriope.

I say WE, but I did not help at all. We have a very kind neighbor who really enjoys doing projects like this and offered to help Don. After the finished this project, Don had the itch to continue going. While I was at work, Don and our VERY VERY VERY kind neighbor built the garden wall frame.

The garden wall set empty until the coming Saturday. Don and I woke up bright and early to venture to Home Depot and Lowes. We purchased a few large bags of red bark, the plants and a whopping 2000 pounds of dirt ( rough estimate ).  Don and I both have 2 door vehicles, imagine what that looked like having 1000 pounds of dirt in a 2 door car.It looked  like I lowered my car! I was embarrassed and to make it worse I had to make 2 trips ! After all said and done, we were left with this . . .

Friday night my parents came to visit. They have a HUGE truck. We kindly asked them to help us finish up our project by hauling the last part of our project home! We certainly did not care to leave the wood to show. The framing finally was covered by stone. The final touch 🙂

We are extremely satisfied with the finished project. As you can see, we still have TONS of pavers to continue to pull up and sod to be laid. A little at a time is okay with me. We have a lot more planned for the back yard. You will have to wait and see 🙂

Till then, Happy Sunday … I hate Sundays, it just means tomorrow is Monday ! Blah !


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