A Real ‘Sharper’ Image !

Happy Friday !

One of my FAVORITE things to do is cook and bake. I at least try and cook something NEW once a week ( thanks to pinterest, and my magazine subscriptions). Every Sunday morning when I wake up , finish couponing, I typically will watch The Food Network. I do not favor any one chef or show, although, I do love all of the tools they use in the kitchen. Whether its a mixing bowl, a fridge, a measuring cup, or a dutch oven, I want it! For Christmas I finally asked for a nice set of knives that I could put to use when cutting bread, citrus or an onion.

Meet my Komachi knife set 🙂 Nothing crazy or expensive, but simple and to the point. The FUN colors make me really enjoy them, even though they don’t match the kitchen decor. As time goes we will get more kitchen storage and they will be in a cupboard ( I have always heard keeping a knife set out isn’t proper, but why I am worried about that right? )

The set I have recieved included a bread knife, pairing knife, citrus knife, tomato knife, chefs knife and a santoku. I will be right up front with you and tell you I had no idea there was a specific knife to cut a tomato or what a santoku knife is for. I am still learning as I use them 🙂 I can say they are VERY VERY VERY sharp.

The set did not come with a knife block or a way to store them . Awhile back we went to visit the Orlando Home and Garden Show . Don found this very interesting knife block called the Kapoosh. The block does not have specific slots for the knife, you can slide your knife in any way, turn it left, turn it right, or even put it in side ways. Its actually really cool for you kitchen gurus out there who need a random knife block. The wooden box contains little fibers that remind me of coffee stirs. We did a little research and found out they had them at Bed Bath and Beyond 🙂

I hope to be using a few knives this weekend as I will be making some new recipes for Super Bowl Sunday ! I hope they have some good commercials this year !

Cheers to being Friday !!!


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