First and Foremost !

I figured I would start my Blog … again. I am hoping to stick with it this go-around.  I know I will have much more to write ..Oops I mean Blog about 🙂 I will tell you I am a HORRIBLE speller. Hopefully I will remember to spell check every post !

Since I have become a homeowner..( a very proud one to say the least ) I have continued my love for cooking and baking. I am going to try and Blog weekly about the things we are cooking and/or baking. We have started receiving  magazine subscriptions to Bon Appetit and Martha Stewart Living. I have made a goal for myself to try something new from each magazine. I also have a new obsession  for PINTEREST . I have experimented with several recipes that I will share … some good and some not so good. I also have to mention my boyfriend is a VERY picky eater. Cooking new things that he enjoys will be challenging .. so far everything has been good! I enjoy a good challenge!

I have started to run …again! ( Notice all these AGAINS…I get bored really easy) I have not set a goal for myself. This time around I will run as much as my body is comfortable with. Tonight I ran 2 miles. Go me! Time for a glass of wine. I will Blog more on this later.

Being a homeowner is fun and stressful at the same time. Cant wait to Blog about decorating and any home improvements we have on “THE TO-DO LIST”

You also may be wandering why I named my Blog: Eight Legs Two People. Well besides myself, I share my house with my boyfriend of 5 years 8 months and my 3 1/2 year old German Shepherd LOLA. Besides my family, these two are everything to me.

I am happy to be back ! Cheers to blogging


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